Be Super Parents. You CAN make a huge difference by feeding your children healthy nutritious preventive foods. In this eBook we are going to help you and your family during the beginning of your journey to healthier living. This eBook is going to help by making this journey easier and fun.

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Listen to your body

We forget to do this very simple thing in this Modern life full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands> we… Read More

recommended vitamins for children

Why vitamins are important for children ?

Despite the best efforts of parents some children may not get the nutrients they need from their diet alone. If… Read More

AEM Wellness Club

Brown doesn’t mean Wholemeal !

Brown doesn’t mean Wholemeal !
 “Wholemeal” is a term used in the UK

 “Wholegrain” and “whole-wheat” are terms used in… Read More

On a Mission

Perfect time to clear things

Perfect time to clear things

This long BH WEEKEND, I was not going anywhere so I decided to do some… Read More


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